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We offer classes from beginner to professional.


(Cecchetti emphasis) It is a rigorous system drawn up with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. Cecchetti is intended to teach the important components of a ballet dancer. (i.e. poise, balance, strength, etc)


Form of dance that is performed to more upbeat music with a strong stress on ballet technique.


This class is based upon floor work.  It teaches beginners the basic skills and advanced students more complex skills such as aerials, hand springs, tucks, etc.

Musical Theatre

An introduction to musical theatre incorporating singing, dancing and acting. The students are exposed to monologues, character pieces and ensemble work.


Class offered to children ages 2 ½ - 6 that combines ballet, tap, jazz and creative movement all in one class. This class is also designed to enhance a child's social skills.


Based on the Gilbert Barre, tap classes incorporate precise rhythmical foot patterns to genres of music including Broadway, country, funk and swing.


Offered to more advanced students only. Pointe teaches strength and balance and is performed on hard-toed, stiff-shanked pointe shoes. Dancers must be approved before enrolling in this class.

Hip Hop

This class combines various forms of hip hop dance including break dancing, street dancing, etc.


This class combines both ballet and jazz technique and is performed to contemporary music emphasizing inner emotions. Lyrical is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement


In this class students will gain the knowledge necessary to be aware of their body and the muscles used with performing different dance skills. Dancers will learn the different methods and procedures to "PROPERLY" place their bodies and execute dance moves in an effective manner. This class stresses, feet, knees, port de bra (or carriage of the arms), body lines, hip rotation, flexibility, and overall aesthetics of dance . These skills are then applied in learning turns, jumps, leaps, and other more advanced skills. 


Voice instruction taught by utilizing different methods of vocal exercises, breathing methods and diaphragm coordination. Students will develop their voices further through the careful and systematic practice of both songs and vocal range.

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